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From the Politico article I linked...

"Paul insisted Washington should first cut aid to countries with strained ties to America, such as Pakistan and Egypt, and only later wean Israel off aid. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has previously stated he was interested in doing that."

How is a news report from Politico stating that Rand "insisted" SPECIFICALLY that aid should be cut to Israel's enemies first and then "wean" Israel later and that Netanyahoo agreed, how is that ANY way comparable to some white power group donating to Ron Paul campaign????

Ron Paul has no control over who donates to him. Rand, on the other hand, can control what he INSISTS doing. And Rand INSISTS on cutting aid to Israel's enemies first and then WEANING Israel LATER.

Cutting aid to Israel's enemies is essentially INCREASING aid to Israel. And when does later come? And "wean" means to slowly decrease.

Israel is at the CENTER of the controversy that may very well bring on GLOBAL WAR involving the US, Russia and China. Both Russia and China have strongly suggested that nukes are on the table if the US invades or attacks Iran. Rand is essentially saying his plan is to make Israel even more capable and bolder in stirring up even more provocation to war. Swell.

This is serious business. Perhaps you need to stop flinging nonsensical malformed accusations at me and focus on how Rand's stated goals will bring the world closer to WW3. :\

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