Comment: When, then. When you stop screaming then you can play.........

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When, then. When you stop screaming then you can play.........

...your video game. When you finish your vegetables, then you can have dessert.

All children test their parents. They are testing boundaries. Parents have to stand firm or the child will begin to rule the home, which is exactly what you are describing. The child wants to be disciplined, without parental discipline the child believes ( or realizes ) that the parents are weak and/or may not love the child.

Another good method of child discipline is to tell the misbehaving child that the next thing they want to do will be with-held as the form of punishment. My son refused to do his homework on a Saturday, but then wanted badly to spend the night at a friends house. I told him he could not spend the night at his friends and pointed out that he knew why. His friend asked why my son could not sleep-over and my son stated that he had not completed his homework.

Cause and effect. The parent has to make firm rules and stick by them. Children love boundaries, although the child complains about the boundaries, it makes them feel safe and that the parents really care. The parent must make sure the child understands what the child did to deserve punishment and the parent must be consistent in administering punishment that equals the misbehavior. Both parents have to work together or the child will drive a wedge between the two adults.

Being a parent is hard work. I only spanked one of my children once ( it turned out I was wrong ) and never spanked the other child. Both have turned into fine adults, much better people than I am. A parent must explain that the child's actions will have consequences and tell the child what those consequences will be for misbehaving. Parents must stand behind what they say, no matter how difficult.

When our government makes just laws, then the citizens will obey the laws.