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Some say they're going to

Some say they're going to just ignore Beck. I wouldn't advise that. Unfortunately Beck does have a decent fan base and I don't want to spar with a bunch of neocons who say they're libertarians a year from now.

What I'm going to be doing and encourage others as well, is monitor his network. Anything that requires the flame of Liberty to show the truth, I'll be there.

Beck would love for us to ignore him! His fans aren't just going to say they're Beck libertarians all of a sudden, it will take a little brainwashing and we should be there to fight back with the real ideas of Liberty.

That's how a co-opt attempt works. He's just going to press real hard on the spending cut mantra and a few not as controversial social issues so his base will be more open to it, and say that's Liberty. Now all of a sudden a lot of people are added to our movement. But they're just neocons who truly believe in cutting spending and no other libertarian ideas; aka Tea Partiers aka Glenn Beck libertarians. So now we have a decent chunk of the movement who claim they're part of the movement but really aren't. And now we have infighting and have to deal with the possibility of more being brought in by the Beck libertarians.

Pretty soon the real libertarians are the minority in the movement, being funded by the Koch brothers, and trumpeting Sarah Palin as a victory for Liberty when she get the GOP nomination.

That nightmare scenario is why you don't just ignore Beck and you close any threat of that happening right now!!