Comment: Hello Comrade in Arms!

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Hello Comrade in Arms!

Looks like you're combating the foolishness in your own thread, as I am mine. As I stated in another post, when you and I, or deacon, or Clay or Heir, or a few others with any legal-lawful common sense make informative posts, we have to spend the next 4 days doing damage control on the idiocy of comments left by the sheep suffering of Stockholme's Syndrome.

You want to see some devastation of a one man wrecking crew that's been combating this BS for the last two days?

Read the comments; these Assclowns hit me with everything they had, and in the end, they're all pushing up Daisy's in the garden of idiots past.

Have fun, the comments are priceless; a few of them have been spanked so hard, they're still in the corner licking their wounds and rubbing themselves down with Bengay .... LOL

The Truth is a devastating tool against ignorance and tyranny (insert evil grin :)

I'm clocking out for the night; Assclown #1, #2, and #3 in that thread I linked wore me out; got to get some sleep and continue pounding them to a pulp again tomorrow, because trust me; these idiots are SLOW learners and WILL be back for another azz whooping.

Keep swinging brother .... LOL