Comment: I am sympathetic to anarcho-capitalism

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I am sympathetic to anarcho-capitalism

Obviously, and its the burden of Statists to defend the state against the alternative of anarchy, I truly believe.

I do think there has to be a General Political Society. Basically, a voluntarily organized rules-based forum for expressing political opinion that tries to be as inclusive as possible. It has zero political power.

Such a society would 'endorse' possibly various private law codes.

The idea is to give people the ability to gauge the opinions of their fellow people (haha, not citizens). Thus preventing violence that would be the result of confusion over competing private law. If there is to be violence over disagreement, then there will be violence.

But there should not be violence over confusion.

Now, as for the State, I think any anarchist would agree with my assessment that the State establishes itself. No state is established by the people. The people can consent to a state, and that consent can only take the form of resistance or not.

This is different than 'assent' which is where you actually like the state. You can hate the state, but still consent by not resisting out of fear of punishment.

Assent is a factor in consent individually, but when it comes to the state and people the only factor is consent.