Comment: What complete fucking bullshit

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What complete fucking bullshit

The strenght of the liberty movement lies in the idea of liberty, obviously. Christians have throughout history not been very liberty minded and a lot of totalitarianism has been carried out in the name of god,jesus and mother mary. You can say what you want, that those weren't "real" christians. If you said it to their face at that time, you would have been tortured and then burnt at a stake.

The strenght of liberty is that you can believe what you want. You can believe in talking snakes, ghost stories, santa claus or jesus all you want. I don't have too though.

You are completely deluded if you think the foundation of libertarianism lies in the bible and christ. Read the bible, it's full of lunacy and crazy old stories that no one believes in. It is full of rotten morality. It is also full of nice stories with good morality. You know this, but how do you know which moral codes from the bible to follow and which to dismiss as 2000 year old crazy stuff? Answer: because you have a morality, you have a mind and the ability to judge right from wrong without the bible.