Comment: Very nice, Tman.

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Very nice, Tman.

I like it.

I have a problem with this though:

"A State which governs, but has the consent of the people, is a Republic. A town can appoint a chief with sole executive, legislative, and judicial authority - as long as they consent generally to this, the resultant State is republican in nature. If everyone wants to be part of one of the gangs, and support the Code, then that is a republican State. Usually, republican States have a democratic process for obtaining 'consent' and constitutional procedures for limiting abuses of power."

A State never has the consent of all the people. This would mean that every baby that pops out of a womb in that geographic area has to acquiesce. Now if you mean a mafia-like set up I could agree. And also, democratic process' are not for obtaining consent, they by definition subjugate the minority, which is the opposite of obtaining consent.

Have you read or heard Rothbard's Anatomy of the State?: