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Well said

I wish more people would actually work to move local legislation and local politics forward. It's the level where we can be the most effective and honestly at this point in time the only level where we have room to play, tt' has to start somewhere.

Too many "right wing" Libertarians are too focused on building an ammo dump and armory in their basement and not worried about moving the agenda forward. This comes from a man that owns several gun of various calibers and sizes. But filling my gun safe and hoping for the best doesn't stop the "gun grabbers", working at a grassroots level and building from there is the only way to do so.

Who gives a rat's patoot about how many guns you have, if we don't get Liberty minded people in elected positions we are going to loose them. Your 3 or 4 AR-15 clones are not going to stop an armored patrol of UN gun control creeps, no matter how well you are stocked up. The people at Waco, TX had LOTS of guns, you can't out gun the army not matter how much bad assery you think you have.

If you want to keep your guns stop mumbling "over my cold dead hands" and get out in the streets and work to spread Liberty.