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Setting aside the Person

Setting aside the messenger, setting aside how he arrived on the scene, setting aside what his individual (or employers) motives are, the net or gross results of what happens when the information becomes as current as the abject lies produced by the counterfeit authorities is very valuable information to me, to the Topic Starter (the Original Poster or OP), and more than just us two people.

The term Market Survey aught to ring a bell.

Look up Edward Bernays and his work, where the word Mass Marketing is a cover for the actual devious ill gotten gains perpetrated by such few people upon so many people in modern times.

Mass Marketing includes such practices as Market Surveys.

There is a genuine, honest, productive, moral, equitable, reasonable, lawful, polite, justified, practice called mass marketing and that practice includes market surveys.

There is a counterfeit, dishonest, destructive, immoral, inequitable, unreasonable, unlawful (or made lawful for only a few people to do it, and made lawful by them only), impolitic, unjustified, practice called brainwashing, response conditioning, behavior modification, and manufactured consent that pretends to be mass marketing with such things as market surveys.

The point is that the information is already readily available to anyone caring to know the facts concerning "Gun Control".

Who wants to know exactly how well, or exactly how poorly the targets are powerless to resist being injured by the criminals running the counterfeit government?

If you can't even rap your head around that last sentence, then you are going to have a real hard time understanding why the criminals running government have a very serious need to know exactly how well, or how poorly, their brainwashing is effecting their targets brains as a TOTAL POWER to dominate, and keep dominating, their victims.

If their victims "get it", then the criminals who have taken over government are in big trouble, and I can offer an obvious proof of the fact.

The brainwashed masses are told to believe that the criminals who took over government are stupid.

The brainwashed masses are told to believe, without question, that the criminals who took over government are doing the best they can do ("collectively"), but each time they try harder, they, stupid "they", mess up even worse, over, and over, and over, again, and again.

Man are those people "we" elect into office stupid.

Man are those people on "their" side stupid, if only "our" side could win the election this time.

Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla...

Market Survey question (Poll):

Pick A, B, or C, as representing your Political Economy Viewpoint:

Who thinks that the Democrats are stupid and they mess things up every time we elect them into office?

Who thinks that the Republicans are stupid and they mess things up every time we elect them into office?

Who knows, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the vast majority of the tax payers (the people who produce all the value produced in America) have absolutely no say in which professional criminal is handed the vast destructive POWER of modern government?

The Jets won't win the Stuporbowl.

If 25 percent pick A, 25 percent pick B, 49 percent pick D, and 1 percent picks C and that almost everyone picking C was hired to say that so their picks had to be thrown out, leaving 3 people out of a thousand people surveyed who pick C in that 1985 Market Survey of this specific effort to find this specific information and the most recent survey, done today, is such that 10 percent pick A, 10 percent pick B, 72 percent pick D, and 8 percent pick C, and fewer people are accepting jobs where they lie for pay, so the information suggests, strongly, that the previous number picking C has increased from less than 1 percent to 8 percent picking C then guess what?

Chicken butt, I stopped reading your drivel, and I don't use math anymore, not since 3rd grade?

World War.

The criminals who take over government have to use the money they steal to buy World Wars when the Natives grow too restless, and if you don't understand that, then you probably don't understand that the criminals who take over government are well aware of how many of you there are who don't understand simple facts.