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We are not a 'Nation,' I

We are not a 'Nation,' I think people should realise this. We are a Union of 50 States i.e. Nations or Countries. What people do in New Hampshire shouldn't be the consern of people outside of New Hampshire; but if ones ideology was to be consistent then one wouldn't move to New Hampshire for the explicit purpose to usurp the will of the people, whom have been, residing in New Hampshire.

I never said that the goal of the current government is for the people, however, if that is what the people want, then isn't that what they should have. If you think you know better as to what those in New Hampshire should have, then doesn't that make you just as authoritarian as those trying to decide for us what we should have?

If they -the current inhabitants of New Hampshire- didn't want an alternative, then how could them not having an alternative be considered force?