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Mine are very open

We have guests who want us to support their new tax ideas, and resolutions, propositions for local issues.. Democrats show up, Indy's,, Republicans from other areas..

My committee is blue jeans.

Our meetings are once a month, last a little over an hour.. usually held in a restaurant's banquet room, most order off the menu, and the location rotates around the county, Fort Bragg (Coast), Ukiah (County seat) and Willits (between the two).

Does the site name anyone, who is chair, etc? I'd email and ask when the next meeting is.. they must meet ten times a year.. it's not uncommon to not meet in January.. actually, everyone has their own by-laws that consider the state's GOP by-laws.

Having only one event is a good indication that there are seats open and your GOP is surviving not thriving.