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If you go...

read the Venus Project website you learn that the first step towards their more perfect world is a GLOBAL SURVEY OF ALL RESOURCES and then university "teams" would determine the best allocation of those resources.

They claim that money will be replaced with not only distribution of those raw resources but also of finished goods. And not just some resources and finished goods, but enough that every person can pursue their dream activities without want or worry for anything whatsoever.

Your house, clothes, food, healthcare, etc. will be provided for you free of charge, demand for labor or any indebtedness whatsoever.

All this necessarily requires a command and control system run by centralized wonks. And also, who builds the houses, grows the food, makes the clothes, grows the cotton, builds the power plants, etc, etc, on and on?

Everybody will then be free to sit around smoking weed and playing guitar on the beach or under a shady tree frolicking nude with the wild animals. And everywhere you go will look like George Jetson City.

This is a pipe dream not based in known reality and has been around for ever in many forms. Most commonly called "communism".

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