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Please update as things develop.

If the only thing that reaches people is work opportunities, the concept could BOOM, like the current Oil boom going on in Montana and North Dakota (or any boom anywhere).

A boom fueled by petroleum markets (allowed to compete for some reason), can be easily compared to a boom fueled by Liberty where those in the community booming fuel their boom by avoiding as much "tax" (extortion) as possible, including the hidden "inflation" tax.

Like this:

Area of ground filled with people where the people struggle mightily to pay Federal Income Taxes and National Debt and other extortion payments where all their productive power is being stolen and then the stolen loot is used to steal more from those people in that area.

Same are Area 1 above but in this area there is a lot of oil being pumped out to markets fast and not enough people in this area yet to keep up with the demand so the local area is booming with very high pay rates as there is a scarcity of supplies and labor in this area currently.

Nothing like the two cases above since this area is filled with people who have figured out how to avoid having their productive power stolen and therefore they have figured out how to avoid having their stolen power used to steal more of their power.