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it just makes me crazy Josh

when our government is involved in drug trafficing and then you read about the medical marijuana grower who was just sentenced to 10 years to life in prison.

Its gotten to the point where our government doesn't really try too hard to coverup the fact that they rountinly break every US and international law, inculding murder, bribery, money laundering, torture, etc. Anytime they are forced to make some type of public comment about assassination, torture, drug running or whatever, they plead ignorance, promise to "get to the bottom" of it, create new safeguards so it won't happen again, and say something like its a very complex situation which they are dealing with internally. A report will be prepared in 6 months that is immediately classifed only to be released a year or 40 later so heavily redacted we remain in the dark.

Its clear to me that our government is the largest international criminal organization on the planet. It appears all governments are essentially criminal organizations that just control different areas of land. All wars and trade are between known crime gangs. The illusion that governments are anything other than criminal gangs needs to be recognized by the brainwashed populations of the world.

I "woke up" about 4 years ago and rarely a day has gone by in which I don't find out more legit intel which confirms that our so called leaders are nothing more than crime bosses who have the ultimate power of writing their own laws and when necessary they prosecute themselves.