Comment: Both, reaching into ideology and trust with any funds.

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Both, reaching into ideology and trust with any funds.

If there are bad feelings between the outgoing and the incoming, there could be trechary and subversion. Not saying there will be, just that there could be. Money talks. Just saying to trust no one who does not fit in with the ideology while holding the purse strings. I'm not saying that the Treasurer has bad intentions but, if he is not 100% with you ideologically, he could be swayed by "friends" and have a lapse in judgment, simply by trusting the wrong people.

You will have your work cut out for you in trying to raise funds. That is probably the biggest obstacle to overcome when going up against the status quo. People with money who are used to controlling people and events don't like it when they lose and they don't just go away with their tails tucked underneath them. They usually fight back and they do fight dirty. Just saying, be watchful and stay strong.

Congratulations on your victory and a very Happy Birthday to your Mom!!!!

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