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I grew up christian. I went to church a few times a week for years. I didnt even have a beer on my 21st birthday. I read the bible cover to cover more than once and researched the old geography, the kings, the culture etc. for years. The more i learned things in the bible made more sense, but other things made less sense... like the council of Nicaea for example. There is a focus on giving yourself up. It teaches you to be a servant quite literally. Have you watched zeitgeist? Curious to know what your thoughts are regarding the roots of Christianity coming from Egyptian sun worship?

It seems to me organised religion has been a tool used by men to make the populous non aggressive, passive, pliable, and easily manipulated. It also seems to help people like g. W. Bush get elected. I remember my church pushing for him in 2000. The congregation didn't even question it. After all he was a christian right?

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