Comment: Gang! We're on the CUTTING EDGE!!!

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Gang! We're on the CUTTING EDGE!!!

They're going to support whoever pays them..I'm looking for heart motive and real sacrifice....

We don't need national media spokemen speaking for us!!! That's what has built this specific forum im my opinion...

We're day-to-day people, from different upbringings and backgrounds, working real jobs, under real pressures under the current system....doing our damnest to do right and get us back on track BEFORE the tyrants throw down(which I still don't believe they have the brain-dead unfeeling brown shirts to do yet)

So yeah....forget these guys who live lavishly in their media studios, and no longer work with their hands anymore!!! It's like many a Baptist preacher these days; who is gonna take them seriously?

They pay $160,000 to get seminary/theology degrees...then get PAID to keep studying the Bible and preach everything but the political angst we see destroying our country!! As much as I am dismayed at David Barton for being an establishment GOP cheerleader, he has good material that God-called pastors were front and center and more outspoken than these other selfa-serving media whores enamored with Washington DC political celebrity...our God given rights and posterity comes FIRST....sacrifice something, won't ya???

There is a HUGE disagreement on AJ's ability to lend value or credibility to the movement at this point, where we've gained so much NOT talking about the NWO killing us; I've already had cancer....don't care where it came from....I've got my sound thoughts, and I havd decided to us the technology and speak out. The priority is the exponential spending, and the Republicans authorizing it while talking out the other sides of their faces....if we replace them, we're getting somewhere...but NOBODY will get elected to office as a God-mocking libertarian pushing abortion, homosexuality, drugs and calling it evolutionary progressivism inasmuch as the Biblical morals our founder lauded are brainwashing antiquated hogwash, and there's a NWO hatchetman under my bed trying to kill me and my kids through the school lunch program, FoxNews junk, and MSNBC lies...n

We have to keep fighting it out, and, financially abandon the self-serving pied pipers. I am two arms,two legs, with 5 kids, teaching them values and trying to keep my head above water...America needs saving, restoration; but it won't happen on television, it'll happen face-to-face; with no makeup, handlers, movie-making equipment "in studio"!

The battle rages on!!!!