Comment: That someone outside their group or outside the government

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That someone outside their group or outside the government

will invent something to fix the problem.

Take clean water. This is a problem on many parts of the globe. I know of a new technology coming to market this year that takes sewage, trash and organic waste, turns it into electricity AND its by-product is to take massive amounts of dirty water and purify it.

This innovation is unknown to them but they are counting on it or something similar to eventually solve the water problem.

The same scenario exists for every other problem we have. People count on it being fixed by some new technology and they are correct because that tech is coming.

When a given problem is solved, there will no longer be a reason to control or limit it like before. With everything solved this way, there's no reason for any type of control which is virtually the libertarian / minarchist / anarchist position (depending on other factors).

The problem now is that THEY don't see these technologies as already here so THEY advocate enough control to handle the shortage and outsiders like you see that control as some bad form of 'ism'. What must be done is just to view EVERYTHING they say as coming from private effort. That puts a different spin on it.