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Hard to comment

without seeing the exact quote. And I'm not about to go scouring FB to try to find it. I don't play much over there. Then Austin Petersen insulting people how?

As for this: Then, I realized that Jack just hates Alex 'I have been supporting Ron Paul my entire professional career' Jones. He hates his success. He envies Jones. It is just conjecture. We can't get inside of his mind. Only watch the actions and speculate on the motives. You might be right, but I'm trying to get the bigger picture among the players.

Rand is definitely running for president. He's friends with Jack & Jesse Benton. If Rand is serious, coordination already has to be taking place (if he's smart). So one can only assume that this is a tactical ploy on the part of Hunter. What is he trying to achieve?

My guess is that Rand doesn't want the "conspiracy nuts" infesting, and hanging on his campaign. He's got to cover his political ass. The view is likely that the "conspiracy nuts" is 1) a small group, and 2) in the long run will hurt his campaign more than help.

Ergo, every once in a while we get a dose of "Conspiracy-theorists-B-gone." It is like a repellent. I can only assume that it is intentional - part of the larger strategy, that includes going to Israel, and eventually, down the line, will likely include Rand throwing his dad under the bus. He's got to prove himself to be loyal, after all.

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