Comment: The Catholic Church has more than its share of liberal idiots.

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The Catholic Church has more than its share of liberal idiots.

We call the Creasters, or more appropriately selective Catholics. They are generally Catholic in name only, usually by family tradition. like most liberals, they are really a worshiper at the church of liberalism, any other association they may have comes secondary to that. If they ever attend mass it is at Christmas and Easter only. They see no issue whatsoever in coming to mass after supporting the most grevious forms of infanticide and other inhumane practices. Generally they are not very active charitiably, but rather would force "charity" by government action. Most of them that hold any sort of public role have been stripped of local authority, and had a good talking to by the priest. A good example would be former congressman Phil Hare (who attends my parish) who was stripped as a deacon after voting for pro-death legislation as a congressman. Most reacntly he was making a stink trying to get rid of a priest who was a little too bluntly pro-life in his preaching (i.e. pointing out that abortion is murder of a child and is definitely wrong and a violation of that childs civil rights).

These types were very active in the seminaries during the 60's and 70's as a wave of "new age Catholisism" swept through the church. This wave has been reversed, but many of these folks are still holding on at higher levels of the church (archbishop and up)especially in these sorts of papal committees. As I said though, the tide has turned since the middle of the 1990's when many of the traditionalists splintered off in disgust, and the pedophilia scandal exposed the fruits of the "anyhting goes in the church dogma" and caused some long overdue soul searching. Within another 20 years or so I expect these liberal elements will be largely flushed out of the church, and I see it as important that I do not leave these types uncontested to use the respect and authority of the church to push their liberal ideology. That is how I square my beliefs with the actions of these economically and historically illiterate fools who write gibberish like this in the name of the church.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois