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You don't need for me to be

You don't need for me to be okay with it, however, you cannot stand on a soapbox claiming idealogical consistancy either(libertarians/AnCaps). Either, people can be consistant, in which case the FSP is a violation of consistancy(NAP); or, one can go with the FSP and abandon consistancy. One cannot claim ideaolical consistancy while embarking on the FSP.

The Founding Fathers never tried to move a mass of people to one colony; you still haven't answered how exactly what the FSP is doing is actaully similar to what the Founders did. Then again, all of you FSPers never answered any of the questions I have posed to you.

I'm sure you are deadly serious; that being said, it's been eleven years and counting and the only thing which has changed is that now the FSP needs more people to move there then they did even two years ago. I can see how that is winning. Also, for being the State with the people who desire the most freedom, I find it interesting that two States(WA, and CO) have legalized recreational marijuana, but New Hampshire hasn't even been able to leagalize Medical Marijuana; sounds like a bunch of liberty lovers there to me. The only thing which would be of any interest to me is the no CCL.

I also would prefer a sales tax as apposed to a high property tax, but my state has both(a property tax and a sales tax); however, it has a much lower property tax and a 6% sales tax which isn't bad since most of the few things which I do buy usually come from out of State so I don't pay the sales tax anyway.