Comment: Nonna, I am the person whom this wackjob is "accusing"

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Nonna, I am the person whom this wackjob is "accusing"

Here is the email that I just sent to Michael Nystrom.

Dear Michael,

A Daily Paul member....has apparently hacked into my personal information and email accounts.

I have started this new website called where I am hoping to bring together different groups in the 9-11 truth movements and come together and start building cases on individuals and citizens' prosecutions groups.

An individual "vinceableworld"....commented to me or emailed me I can't remember and I emailed him as I thought maybe from his comments he might be an attorney and might want to help.

That was a mistake.

I made the mistake of giving this individual my email and he actually turned the tables on me and accused me of changing the texts in his email.

I did no such thing. I would never do such a thing.

However, the text that he claims that I switched in his email, did indeed come from me....but they were written not to him but to somebody else....and sent from a different email account.

How he got that text I don't know. But he used them against me by switching them in the body of an earlier email he had sent, and then saying that I changed it...which I absolutely did not.

In the email exchange, after he started to get somewhat antagonistic about my 911 Crimes Project (Why would anyone get antagonistic about trying to get justice for 911?)...I did ask him if he was a disinformation agent...and then quickly apologized when he said he wasn't.

But this person would not relent...and then he sent me a threatening email saying that I had committed "email fraud" and he published a forum on here that is just completely bogus.

It is getting to the point where he is committing libel. He is lying about me being a "government shill".

I am not...and never have been. I am just one guy who put out $150 of money that I don't have to start a website in an effort to bring about a new investigation and prosecution of the events of 911.

And I just don't have time to spar with somebody that has obviously hacked into my personal information.

Is there any way you would please consider pulling this thread?

In advance, thank you.


Christopher M
Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.