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Adding to confusion?

I can't get past the point where a God (so called) orders the murder of babies for some reason, and of course the person listening to this God obeys the order without question.

I can know that I can't get past that for now, and at the same time I will continue responding to the rest of your last response:

"I don’t know what that means when it comes to war. Does it mean what it says? I do not know. Supposedly we became a nation and a church won the battle of Lexington and Concord."

To me it is simple. Life is good.

Life is worth living.

If you see someone murdering babies, and that someone claims that God told him to do so, then it may be a good idea to question the whole thing and do something effective to stop the murder of babies.

Who knows what competitive contribution toward making life better, not just good, but better, is lost when 1, or 2, or 3, babies are murdered before they have a competitive chance to make life better?

Call baby murderers by whatever label, God fearing, obedient servant of God, whatever, they are murdering babies, so to me, I question those murders of those babies.

How about doing something effective to save one of them, one of those babies being murdered, if possible?

That, to me, is the context of defensive war VERSUS offensive war.

I call them criminals. A person murdering a baby, or a toddler, or a child, or a teenager who has yet to do anyone any harm, or a young adult, same qualifier of innocence, or adult, or middle aged person, or old person, murdered, and innocent person alive, no longer alive, by the willful hand of another person.

I call that crime, done by a criminal, as the criminal murders an innocent person.

If one person does it, OK, it is a single lone murderer.

It happens, too bad for the victim, I was not there, I could not do something effective to stop the end of that innocent life, too bad for me too, I miss all that could have been had that innocent life not been stuffed out by that murderer. Watch out people, that guy murders people.

That person starts moving closer to me or someone close to me, moving closer to someone innocent.

Yes, that is important, since it seems better to me if that person, that criminal, that murderer, moves closer to another murderer, well, not so bad, really, if one murderer murders another murderer, now there is less cost in defending against one murderer compared to the cost of defending against two murderers.

Just economy mind you, not even looking into who orders these guys to murder each other.

But the two murderers join forces, now there is an army, and this army moves closer to me, and innocent people, and this army isn't moving closer to another 2 murderers, two armies of murderers ordered to murder each other, well that isn't so bad either, but these 2 people, an army, is moving closer to 2 more people, another army of murderers, now there are 4 people in this army of murderers, and they just landed by ship at New York Harbor and they want to collect a Tax on Tea, and they will murder anyone who questions the order to pay the tax on tea, and while they are at it, well, murderers that they are, they decide to just go ahead and make themselves at home, raping, pillage, and what is the word I'm looking for?


Yea, that's the word.

Look it up if you are not yet intimately familiar with that word by now.

Is life good?

Am I off on another rant? If you think Alex Jones is acting like a lunatic then you may want to avoid me speaking in person. I am not easy to know.

"Again in John 15:17 These things I command you, that ye love one another."

I lost my place in your last response, but that is worth repeating. can it be accurately measured, this love stuff, as the murderers are let loose and running amok, and they are "only following orders", and some of them develop a taste for this pogrom program, and others of their number don't, so the suicide rate climbs among them, and some of them joined in to make a killing at the pay rate, compared to work at Mcdonalds, war is good for the economy and all, but some of them thought they were going to be spreading democracy or something, and it turns out to be something less than advertized, the pogrom program and all that goes with it, so they are now somewhat disenfranchised?

If love can be measured then it can be spread too, almost like spreading democracy.

So idle bystanders, witnesses, knowing almost the full measure of the pain, suffering, the murder, the pogrom program, coming to a theater near you, and so, so, so...

You know.

What to do, what to do, spread the love?

OK, me again, the next pogrom program victim is no longer 12,000 miles away, fast forward, the victims is on your kitchen table, so spreading the love is tougher as the screams grow louder, and as it happens you are not yet disarmed completely in mind or body.

Spread some love?

I don't know either.

I can guess in my case. My eyes are not as good as they once were, but I can hit a dime at 200 yards with the right gun and the right sights. I was not long ago able to hit a tin can or glass bottle at 100 yards with iron sights on a good pistol. With a good rifle I can take the top off the glass bottle, iron sights, then the middle of the glass bottle, then the bottom of it, at 100 yards, on a good day.

You do not want to hear about my misadventures with guns. I won't trouble you in that way, I trust that you don't want to know about it.

Plop, the next pogrom program victim, right there close-by, not "just" on television, or in books, or on the "internet".


That is my life, up close and personal, not empathy, so defined, as I do not feel their pain, but by way of sympathy, active willful employment of my own mind, I make these things personal, up close.

What now boss?

Turn the other cheek (let the screams accelerate in frequency and amplitude) by feeding the pogrom program.
Effectively lessen the frequency and amplitude.

I think it is past time to stop feeding it.

"Baldwin is the one that says the Christian and every other US person owes allegiance to the constitution, not to government because the government is under the constitution…remember that conversation we had regarding Romans 13?"

False Gods ordering the pogrom program? Does this Baldwin fellow know that the bad guys won in 1788 with their constructively interpretable "Constitution" that was so despised by the actual Founding Fathers?

It may be a slight miscalculation to some people, while to me it is the difference between following criminal orders without question, which is worse than abandoning the victims, because joining the criminals, aiding and abetting the criminals, is, in fact, being a criminal.

What is the best way to stop crime?

Don't be one.

There are, however, still some very misguided souls who follow orders ordered by deceivers, on deceiver, then another, then another.

What do to now boss?

I'm not questioning your faith. I'm questioning my own. You can help.

Or not.

"Jesus heals the servant of the man who is arresting him and tells Peter to put the sword away because they that take up the sword will die by the sword."

Like a conveyer on an assembly line those who die by the sword of Legal Crime flow into the pile. Some of the victims who die by that sword have their own swords, but they all die by the sword.

The rate at which the pogrom program consumes people, all dying by the sword mind you, speeds up when none of the victims resist, and when most of the victims are running down the conveyer belt, to get a job running the hamster wheel that drives the conveyor belt, pick me, pick me, I will obey every order without question, just let me work on the hamster wheel, we, together, unified, can make that conveyor belt sing like a canary, work like a well oiled machine, go baby go, let the fir fly, pick me, I can run fast, man can I run, let me turn the hamster wheel, at a competitive price, pick me, please sir, can I have some more?

The counterfeit Federalists (actually Nationalists) called it an Energetic Government.

Like the energizer bunny.

"Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels? 54 But how then shall the scriptures be fulfilled , that thus it must be?"

So...God does not speak to me directly, unambiguously, leaving no room for doubt, hey, Joe, go ahead Joe, have at it this way, not that way.

I'm left out.

No problem, really, at 50 odd years placed hear on Earth, one eye works, one ear works, one foot works, the other side, actually, not working so good, I'm used to the condition of being left out.

They say: It ain't over until the fat lady sings.

I say that too.

What now boss?

I'm not running as fast on the hamster wheel of the pogrom program, and I'd like to run the wheel the other way - please.

I just say all of that to say, that he is serious, and does not appear to be “sleeping with the enemy…or accepting a seat at the table of the enemy.”

There is one lesson, words to the wise, it seems to me, in two books.

The two books telling of this one lesson are these books:



In response to any high profile, out in the open, person, or group, declaring to resist by force the lesson in those two books applies.

When defensive violence occurs effectively the aggressors are not aware of their impending doom. Telegraphing intentions, in other words, are unwise.

In our times, compared to the times, real or fiction, in those books offered, news travels faster. In terms of currency, as in an electric circuit, information transfer is accelerating from a lower rate of transfer, currency, to a higher rate of transfer, as the amperage is going up, so a Chuck Baldwin type resistor is not so easily censored, or contained, or bottled up as if trying to keep the genie in a bottle.

I suppose.

Someone issue the order to censor the church goers in Waco.

That was then. This is now.

You can assume, if you want, that I "believe" the Word of God according to someone, anyone, but you should actually listen to what I actually say, and not be so often able to jerk your knee, jump to false conclusions, etc.

I do not equate "The Sinful Messiah" with Chuck Baldwin as both being as close to the real God as Jesus, if that is what your thoughts become after reading those words above.

There goes Joe claiming that Vernon Howell or the Cult worshipers at Waco were as close to God as Chuck Baldwin is?

I can't trust that you won't do that, since you do stuff like that all the time to me.

Joe, are you a member of the Branch Dravidians?

I can't trust that you will do that either, so note the question marks.

"Yes, you must help yourself, but in doing so, you cannot exclude God’s help if you expect to have his help. You cannot make a “deal with the devil” for victory and expect safety in battle."

I ask the boss. I can assume that he is listening. I don't get the memos, so far as I can tell, exactly, but there are coincidences, that are often enough hard to believe coincidences, but no memos signed yours truly God.

I know, The Bible, but you are now reporting to me things that appear to say that God said, hey you, murder those babies.

That isn't the God giving me coincidences, no memos, but the God I think I know, the God I believe so far, does not order people to murder babies - in The Bible.

Words can be miss-communicated, if there is a will there is a way.

"Isaiah 42:8 I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images."

I'd rather have less babies murdered. Glory is overrated.

"God will accomplish what He will accomplish for His Glory alone. If we help ourselves outside of His help, we will not have His help. His help requires faith."

I have a problem with the pile of dead babies, it destroys my faith, or in other words: I refuse to believe in blind obedience without question to the point where I am obeying the order to murder babies.

So, here is where I finally get that memo straight from God.

I open the memo, the official seal, From God, and it says:

Murder those babies Joe; I'm looking for some Glory today.

You have to be able to see my point of view here, it isn't that difficult, I'm right here, I won't murder babies, and if a see someone murdering babies, in my living room, I'll try to do something about it.

Maybe that is the message you are telling me, through God, who knows, hey, Joe, stop those babies from being murdered, see, Joe, see, take your own advice.

You are as confused as I am as to "how to" get the job done.

I can open the memo, the memo that arrives by stealth, and I can use what sympathy I have left, and my soul says brain, hey brain, yes or no, go or stay, move west or east, north or south, now.

Brain says to soul, OK, we went east, now what, and by the way the body is hungry now.

Brain works in ones and zeros, like a computer, as far as I know.

Soul works in what - exactly?


God speaks with math or English?


If you say so?

"The only way you will have faith is that you must be able to hear. The only way you will be able to hear is by hearing the word of God."

I'm hearing that but this:

"That is why we have Old Testament and New Testament accounts and promises to rest upon."

Well, that is where God says murder those babies, or did I misunderstand that part? Joshua? I listened to audio recordings.

I heard baby murdering.

I listened. That isn't God, not to me.

" They are like monuments or commemorations of the faithfulness of God to those who will have hearts that are perfect toward Him because He is looking for those to whom He can show Himself strong upon their behalf."

God: "Murder those babies"

True believer: "OK boss"

I'm not at all capable of accepting such truth at this time and I do not want to believe that at this time, so maybe I'm messed up. I have things all messed up.

I know that.

I have things all messed up.

What I do know, however, is that working harder so as to increase the number of babies murders, paying to have babies murdered, is what is happening right now through The FED, The IRS, and those misled Troops.

I'm not completely messed up. I can still breath. I replaced the brakes on a vehicle yesterday. I used the emergency jack, and no power tools, out in the cold. Not Montana cold, just Mojave Desert cold - summer time here compared to up north or down south.

Way down south.

"But, maybe you are one of the called and therefore will witness that power of God in Salvation in your own life. Kinda like you gotta be a Gideon with 300 men; or a David with a stone to kill a giant; or a Joe with a Jesus to please God."

I get stuck on specific things, not the general things. I get it, I think, that there is a creator POWER and the proof of the creator POWER is everything created. I get that part. I'm just one individual example of one life form of many life forms in a very large SET of life forms in a very large SET of things and places that some guy, in English, calls a Universe.

OK dude, you are so smart, what is outside of the Universe?

You don't know?

Me neither.

You say you know?

Prove it.

What is outside of the Universe?


I'm not so sure. What do you mean by the word Universe, and while you are at it what do you mean by the word God?

Arguments are made for arguments. How about improving the accurate measure of perspective by competitive challenges to existing examples of accurate measures of perspective?

Who cares?

I do.

Babies are being murdered and not just the ones still in wombs either, there are plenty of babies currently being processed through the pogrom program that is part and parcel to the World Reserve Currency Power (Legal Crime) which is currently being shifted from a dollar denomination into a more criminally destructive denomination.

Coming to a Theater near you, and the Debt collector are not going to be satisfied with only this many babies murdered, so if you have one, know better about what is happening these days, or pay the cost of your ignorance.

Is that reasonable or am I wandering too far off the conveyor belt?

"If you will be saved Joe, none of the glory will be shared with you or with me. It will all be God’s glory. You are powerless to save yourself and I am powerless to save you. Only God’s mercy will save you and you must be called to experience that mercy."

OK, that makes me thing of something I read, and I'm not challenging the validity of what is quoted above, at all. I don't know if what you are saying is accurate or if I'm just too messed up to know better, but I'm connecting a dot that may or may not be worthy of connecting, and I can't even remember the quote exactly, but I will know it when I see it, and then I'll cut and paste that quote, and I'll like the source of the quote.

"I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice."