Comment: Three possible answers

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Three possible answers

1) Election rigging/intentional "discrepancies" built in on every level.

2) "Official" Ron Paul campaign failing ,miserably to SUPPORT the grassroots momentum, enthusiasm, effort, creativity, etc. with detailed work on election/delegate/ballot procedures, etc. I.E. TRANSLATE what Zogby is tallking about into VOTES.

3) The sheeple got scared. Boomers and their parents heard "kill the IRS" and instinctively felt that it meant that their social security, medicare, and general "me" society they have carefully crafted over the past 40 years were coming to the end before they left this planet. The younger sheeple are no better - they saw some old guy challenging them to THINK and suggesting they take rersponsibility for their own life and they just tuned out.

Fixing all of the above is unfortunately going to take time (like years). I hope this country will be worth saving then.

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge