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Disregard election results of 98%

I would treat any result of 98% to a referendum/election involving millions of people as highly suspicious. Even for common-sense proposals there are always at least 15% or 20% of dissenters.

More so for someone like Hitler, who never legitimately received more than 37% of the popular vote in Germany. It never ceases to amaze me, the insistence of people to pin the blame for Hitler on the back of democracy. In a democratic country like Switzerland, a guy like Hitler would have had absolutely zero chance, and even in Germany he had to use force and intimidation.

Hitler did not need a vote in Austria, he just took that country. The fact that there wasn't popular opposition was just a bonus to him. I really can't sympathize with Austrians who worked under Hitler, never did anything against him at the time, and only years after the event, warn others about the threat of people like Hitler.

But, otherwise, I agree with the main point that freedoms should not be lost for the sake of an illusory state-provided protection.

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