Comment: I usually ignore questions I find ignorant, irrelevant or tripe.

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I usually ignore questions I find ignorant, irrelevant or tripe.

"If they vote for human sacrifice and the people to be sacrificed volutarily agree to be sacrificed, then what business is it of yours?"

Glad you said that because here's the flaw in it.. They are voting to "sacrifice" people who don't agree with it. That's the problem.. They do it through laws that they deem everyone must obey.. so it isn't voluntary anymore.

Sure if they want to do something in the confines of their own group and beliefs I'm all for it but it's not limited to just them now is it. Therefore, it IS an attack on the rest of the people. By default, I no longer give a rats ass how the hypocritical douches see anyone's attempt at righting that wrong..

So let's look at your ideology so that we can better see where you're coming from. Are you a Libertarian/libertarian, a Constitutionalists, Liberal, Neocon or what? Notice how I split the big "L" and little "l".. I don't personally follow NAP quite like Big L's do so I don't know what you mean when you're saying I'm not consistent because I follow my ideology. I'd just as soon see them all dragged from their offices and replace them with Patriots.

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