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You seem to think that theyre squatters

What you're missing is that they're not tresspassing on individual homes and squatting on others' property.

They're buying or renting homes with the consent of the seller/landlord. If there is or isn't an existing group of people who claim to be a "state" and have the right to rule the home, it's not their problem.

Your argument is akin to my buying a house from a seller in south central LA then saying that I, as a new resident in the hood, don't have a right to help organize neighborhood watch groups to combat the Crips and Bloods, as they were here before I moved in and therefore their reign is somehow legitimate.

The state is in the same moral position as a local gang. As a newcomer into the region, you only need permission from the landowner from whom you buy or rent. If there are others who (falsly) claim to have the right to rule over the property, this isn't your concern.