Comment: I think it's a matter of true authority

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I think it's a matter of true authority

I see nothing in the article to make us think that this document has any real authority behind it. It is created by men who do not have the authority from God to dictate what the entire Church should believe.

I am not Catholic, I am LDS (mormon). I don't know much about catholicism, so I may be wrong in assuming that just because a document came out of a particular place that it doesn't have the "Thus Saith the Lord" kind of stamp of approval. But I do know that in my faith, when people who do not have the authority of the prophet try to assume that kind of authority, they are being unrighteous.

I have always been taught to pray about matters that concern me. I can do this even if the prophet himself says something that I don't feel comfortable with. If I don't feel good about it, I have the right to study it out and go to God Himself in prayer, trusting that the Lord would answer my prayer. I don't have to take it all in blind faith, even if I do believe that the Lord would not lead our prophet astray.

Basically, I'd take anything less than what the current Pope says with as much salt as is called for. Sure, a global economy would be great and so on if the one directly in charge was Christ himself, but He isn't back on earth just yet. It is dangerous to put so much power and money in the hands of anyone other than Christ, not to mention probably unrighteous (the entire "putting our trust in the strength of men" kind of thing). I seriously recommend praying about it, believing that you will receive your answer.

I hope this helps, even if I'm not Catholic and so don't understand everything.

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