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"If they vote for human

"If they vote for human sacrifice and the people to be sacrificed volutarily agree to be sacrificed, then what business is it of yours?"

Glad you said that because here's the flaw in it.

Actually there isn't a flaw in what I said, for the begining of the sentence started out with "If" this makes the whole statement dependent on all of the part of the entire statement being true; meaning that for me to accept the consistency of them voting for human sacrifice then the people being sacrificed must volunteer. While you think this supports your belief of the wrongness of laws it doesn't for the simple fact that New Hampshire couldn't vote to sacrifice Bostonians without violating NAP; however if New Hampshire residence voted to sacrifice New Hampshire residence then my acceptance of that law would be contingent on if those to be sacrificed volunteered or not.

Now, however, if you are not a libertarian/Libertarian or AnCap but you are a total anarchist -being someone who doesn't believe in any laws rules or guidelines whatsoever- then one could have a reason to complain. However, it still wouldn't give one the right to go about changning it. If one was such a total anarchist -for lack of a better identifier- then why would someone be voting in the first place; since the very act of voting itself is anathema to a total anarchist's perspective?

They are voting to "sacrifice" people who don't agree with it. That's the problem.. They do it through laws that they deem everyone must obey.. so it isn't voluntary anymore.

If they are voting for it, then is it not their right to vote for it? If one doesn't like what they voted for, or how the vote turned out, then they can 'vote with ones feet' -the correct use of the term- and move to a place which doesn't do what they don't like.

As far as what label I place upon myself; technically I don't but the closest thing which I could put together would have to be something along the lines of an Individual Anarchist(an Individualist/Anarchist/Agorist/Voluntaryist Permaculturist/Aquaculturist etc). I guess something similar to a Yeoman.

Nothing of what I've been pointing out throughout this dialouge has neccessarily been anything which I bleieve in, with the exception of consistency.
While personally I don't neccessarily believe in the NAP, I do find that most of those moving to New Hampshire do believe in it and therefore I find them to be hypocrites.