Comment: In their mind (I think)

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In their mind (I think)

a. they envision the actual exchange of gold for goods and don't realize that electronic transfers, or paper gold certificates could be used.

I tell them that I can go to mexico and use my debit card (which only has FRN's) and with one swipe can exchange it for pesos and pay a merchant. A PM backed card could work the same way, and I think schiff has one (although it's illegal for US citizens to have).

b. they thing there actually isn't enough Gold. doesn't really matter why. I think because they are told to think that and possibly back it up by increased population and a more "complicated" economy.

I just try to explain that the ONLY requirement for Gold to be a currency is that there are enough units to facilitate the needs for money in circulation. There is no evidence that there isn't enough gold for that.

Mostly though I don't say that gold is the answer. I just say that gold should be allowed to be used as a currency, on the same playing field as FRN, if people so desire.