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What you and most people

What you and most people arguing with me apparently are missing is that I'm just pointing out that inconsitency of their actions with the NAP. Just because the residence happen to be oblivious to what the actual reason for people moving there is, doesn't mean that they agree with it in anyway. They(Free-Staters) seem to be using subversive tacticts which then will comeback to bight them on the @ss. Were the Greeks justified using the Trojan Horse? If the Free-Staters are justified in using subversive tactics, then aren't everybody else?

What if the residents like the crips and the bloods in the neighborhood? Then you are trying to dictate to a bunch of people what they should and shouldn't have because you deemed it so. If you don't want people interferring in your life, then maybe you should show it and stop interferring in other peoples lives.

The road do hell is paved with good intentions.

The state is in the same moral position as a local gang. As a newcomer into the region, you only need permission from the landowner from whom you buy or rent. If there are others who (falsly) claim to have the right to rule over the property, this isn't your concern.

Where to start with this? Well, if people -the current inhabitants- allow for or put-up with either the State or gangs, then is it your job to interfere? What if they like the State as it is and wanted it that way which was why they voted for it to be that way; who are you to move there, with the sole intent on changing their State for no other reason that it was easier to invade that State then any other.

Landlord; isn't that the State? New Hampshire does have Property taxes, do they not? Doesn't the very existence of a property tax imply that the person who thinks they own the property actually doesn't own the property because the State can come and take it away? So, doesn't the very existence of a property tax indicate that the State is the legal and rightful owner of the property?