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Comment: i kinda read it and it seems

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i kinda read it and it seems

i kinda read it and it seems your point is about life having "value" without god...(you split "value" into 3 subcategories, but theyre all very similar.)

however I would ask you how belief in god would give MY life value from MY pov? after all, our difference in god-belief is merely a difference in what is. (namely: You believe that god is, I dont.)

Even if you were to convince me to come over to your factual claim, why should i value this god (that you recently convinced me exists) or give one squat about what he wants me to do with my life?

Before we even discuss how the value of ones life differes by believing in god or not, i think we need to properly understand what we mean by this concept of "value" in the first place.

there's a great line:
Value presupposes a valuer

Value is not some primary substance that exists (like mass), but rather it's a relative judgement that's made BY a valuer. We're both living our own lives based on what gives US more happiness. And we both are assuming that our own lives and our own happiness is the purpose of our own lives.