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"If" is irrelevant because it's a

hypothetical anyway..

But still working on that, you seemed to miss my tie in.. They have all rights to vote however they chose but they would be in the wrong if their vote punished those who did not agree with it. Real Liberty, acknowledges that everyone has a right to practice their own beliefs as long as it doesn't hurt someone-else. They can't say that as it pertains to their political agendas.

You might say that there are some similarities in what the FPS's are doing. On the surface that would seem true but if you dig a little deeper.. what they're really saying is "I will force you to be free and to allow those around you to be free to do as you see fit so long as you don't step on someone's right as well"

Thinking that education alone is going to get us there in a system like this is dangerous and naive. I don't follow NAP stringently either but I see this much in the same way that the colonies came together to fight one enemy.

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