Comment: This post was absolutley hilarious for the first few pages

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This post was absolutley hilarious for the first few pages

of comments.
Then it just got old.

I really don't give a crap what side of the argument you are on - WHAT IS WITH THE VILE TALK. When did we invite playground bullies onto this site. And it isn't just this thread.

The tone of some of the people on here is getting detestable. If you can't support your argument without the ad hominem attacks - then shut the hell up. Nobody has to agree with anybody here - but we do expect a certain level of civility.

I have to believe many of these posters are just here to start crap.

As for me and the issue at hand. I have gotten a big fat letter twice from the IRS - both times it was very easy and very smooth to work out with them- they felt I made a mistake - I showed some documents - they showed some rules - we came to an agreement and that was it - really - easier than dealing with the DMV. I suppose the IRS is much like life - some are good people, some are bad. Guess I was lucky. Do I agree with income tax - nope. Am I going to be a fool and believe I don't owe them - nope. Hell, I don't fudge a nickel - it just isn't were I want to "make my stand" against the government. If that makes me an ass clown - well I will be an ass clown that sleeps better knowing I don't have to worry about those big fat envelopes - if another one comes - we will simply sit down and work it out again.
I see a lot of people having a lot of problems for NOT paying - I have yet to see proof of someone that didn't pay and actually got away with it. And no - you saying so on here is not proof.