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I do understand that what the

I do understand that what the Free-Staters are doing is 'Forcing' freedom on people, but do they have the right to do that? If they do, then do they have the right to do it without telling the people that they are doing it? If individuals are able to do it, then are States? If States can do it, then can the U.S. force freedom on people?

Some people are afraid of freedom: Eleutherophobia- this is a phobia of freedom, and people will react violently towards those trying to give them freedom. Then there is stockholm syndrome. People have been in bondage for so long, that most people are terrified of the idea of being free. It reminds me of in "The Matrix" Morpheus tells Neo that they usually don't pull someone out that late in life, because they will explode becuase they can't handle it. This I think is the problem. If people force it too much then others will react most aggressively against freedom; one cannot force somebody to want freedom, one can only show them the path.