Comment: I like everyone. I just question what might be blind ignorance.

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I like everyone. I just question what might be blind ignorance.

Faith is why children believe in UFO's, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. I just happen to not believe in these myself but others are welcome to believe whatever they think, as long as they don't push it on others. Remember, this post was started with the notion that Christ is the answer to attaining Liberty, which is like saying eating ice cream is the answer to Liberty or any other obscure statement. That is the only reason I responded to the post in the first place. I am no more or no less than any other human being. I was raised Christian, studied many religions throughout my life and came to my own feeling that religious beliefs are the most personal of personal ideals. And your assumption that I am atheist is just plain goofy. You have no idea whether I am agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Catholic or believe that my neighbors pet goat is omnipotent. And most importantly, it is totally irrelevant. Very simple. I happen to believe that Liberty will be achieved through actions of liberty and that Religion does not have any more or less relevance in the efforts. I welcome all people from all lands, nationalities and beliefs. I want Buddhist Monks and Afghanistan sheepherders to have the same freedoms we all desire.