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Yeah but they're only pushing back against people who have

forced restrictions against their Freedoms as per the law of the land. One can't hide behind the Constitution while trying to destroy it. I could care less about those who aren't willing to accept Freedom and responsibility. Thoose who push economically wrong legislature upon an unwilling participate and or ignorant population. Your same argument could be and is used by many Liberals when trying to ban guns.. Listen to the hundreds of open carry confrontations with police where the cops say that "people have called in because they're scared"

Screw tjhose people.. the cops should tell them to get used to it because they have a natural right to defend themselves but no.. their problem becomes our problem as does all of the fascists laws they enact. Do they have a right to do that? Uh no, not to it's end result, not if you care to follow the Constitution.

The 2nd Amendment recognizes (not grants) that we have a natural right to defend ourselves. It matters not that it's an AR-15 but people want to "discuss" it.

No more talking. I say no to unConstitutional laws. I say no to all and any state that tries to enact them.

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