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They are voting with their feet.. they're choosing to fight

instead of leave. You quoted Reagan as the one who promoted "voting with your feet" but I fail to see an issue with moving to a state that's more appealing and where you have a chance to actually make a difference.

You should really think about the practical application to those sayings and all of it's possibilities.. you seem to be stuck on it as if moving away is the only right thing to do. If we chose to move away from a state we would

A: Be saying that we don't want to have a say in the political process and therefore those that are in charge now are the way it should be

B: We would be going to a state that we deemed more to our liking.. all the while leaving it to the mercy of whoever the indigenous population puts in office. That somehow we're not allowed to interact politically because that population owns that state.

People are moving away from their states.. if their states were Liberty minded, I doubt they'd leave to begin with so in essence they are voting with their feet. Now they're in NH because they see that state as better than what they have now and a chance to make a real difference.

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