Comment: I don't think even you believe that for a second.

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I don't think even you believe that for a second.

"I am no more or no less than any other human being."

Sure you are. I have a weak mind and I'm a blind Easter Bunny worshiper. Don't try and pretend you aren't as transparent as glass. You don't want me to have anything to do with the Liberty movement, and want to tell me to keep my ideas to myself, and THAT is why you came here and why you posted, and THAT'S why you continue run your mouth denigrating faith.

I know you were raised as a Christian. I know you have deep seated reasons for hating them and thinking you're something more than them. Just don't turn around and try to tell me that "you like everyone" and think of yourself as equal.

That's what faith is about for me, equality, and finding a way to like you even though I'm left with no other reason to try. You want an equality of mud crabs, but people are more than animals to me, and we all deserve to be treated like one of Gods creations.

I can respect a mud crab. I can even love mud crab, but that won't stop me from making mud crab soup or get me to defend their liberty. For me, this is about WHY I should defend your liberty.