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Comment: I'm aware a 'person' cannot pick up a pen (wink)

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I'm aware a 'person' cannot pick up a pen (wink)

You said:

"When you were born your parents surrendered THEIR PROPERTY to the whole, putting the child UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF the State. The parents created title of their property and gave the title to THEM."

Correct ........... But:

When you turn of legal age and are able to contract yourself, we are now dealing in Corporate Law with regards to the 'person', and you, the living Man are the Beneficiary and Sole Shareholder of that Estate, and Gov't is the Trustee.

Then you said:

"And by the way, if you owe taxes you cannot charge the IRS for filing out the forms. Filing out the forms is voluntary. "

There is a BIG word in that statement; that word is "if".

The Certificate of Live Birth is an Office they created in an attempt to trick you into performing some function within or thru that office, so they could 'presume' you are an employee of their corporation who is liable to abide by their statutes and tax code.

If they wish for you to operate in the capacity of an agent/officer of their corporation, then you are entitled to be paid for your time in doing so.

It's the "Title" you are operating through. Man can have many Titles; he can be the manager of a car wash; a janitor at the school; a salesman at the car lot, etc.

While operating through whatever Title he/she may operating through on that day, he/she is entitled to be paid for occupying that office and carrying out functions/job duties within that Title.

From 4am to 8am I'm a janitor at the High School and getting paid to wear that uniform and operate through that Title; when I clock out, I am no longer operating through that Title and can no longer be obligated to abide by janitorial statutes/codes ......... I'm off the clock.

Gov't has presumed every thing you do is an operation through that Title, as an agent/employee of their corporation, even though they aren't paying you for your time to occupy that office and carry out functions of gov't.

Just because you were born on this land mass, and some jackass' attempted to codify and wordsmith definitions and meanings into some justification of your forever slavery, does not make it so.

If you are operating through that Title and performing some function of gov't within or under the scope of that Title, then they will have an employment contract and payroll records on file for you that justifies their presumptions that you are obligated to abide by their internal statutes and tax codes, if they don't ..... you get the picture :)

I'm either on the gov't clock or I'm not. If they want to presume that the money I made that year was earned while performing some function of gov't and operating in the capacity as an agent/employee of gov't, then we need to see some payroll receipts, or we have a major labor dispute.