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So, if the inhabitants of New

So, if the inhabitants of New Hampshire don't want what the Free-Staters are selling, then the Free-Staters will 'force' them to accept it, because it is for their own good. Is that your position, because it certainly sounds like that is what you are saying.

Fine; your not against ALL majorities, just the ones that don't follow your dictates.

re #1, I have no idea why other people who live in places do or dont move.

Don't be ignorant; you know as I know the FSP can only work if people move to New Hampshire. So, why if there are gangs somewhere would somone move there? I've never heard of people moving towards gangs, usually away from them. Do, you believe in vigilantism? You know, people moving around taking out other peoples problems without even being asked to do so?

e #2, i dont know what you mean by "US"

You know the United States. New Hampshire is still a part of it, you still pay taxes to it -in one form or another, people still volunteer to be the military for it. You know, that U.S.

So, if you pay taxes and vote, and someone else voluteers to be the military for it(the U.S.), then it(the U.S.) can deploy people for the benefit of others throughout the world. Those who have volunteer for the military can still opt out of going if they want -they probably wouldn't like the alternative, but they still have an option- so there is no force there. You still pay your taxes -one way or another- so you do so consent to their using that money, and you vote, thereby giving consent to the very existence of the problem itself. You just happen to complain that you don't like how it is being used; this is not the same as vehemently apposing the very existence of government -which quite a few libertarians(AnCaps) do.

I find it unethical to stick my nose in other peoples business; because sooner or later people will be doing the very same thing to you. The entire world will never agree on one single thing including NAP; so to place your argument on the basis of that being widely accepted, I find very interesting. You do not have the right to force your will on anybody period; you can try, but don't complain when negative consequences befall you because of it.