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Funny how your comment has down-votes. I up-voted.

I post this, because the InfoWars piece is by Paul Watson.

In ~2005, during an Alex Jones' Prison Planet radio broadcast, Paul Watson, as guest, said "he found out about" Alex Jones by watching LOCAL Austin, Texas, public access tv... in England. Yeah, England. And that was pre-2005. Shortly thereafter, he and his brother Steve Watson began "working for Alex.”

Local Austin tv in England? Sounds believable!

Remember in the James Bond films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, how the black CIA agent assists MI6 agent Bond? I suggest you read about former CIA chief James Jesus Angleton, how he had significant co-operation with British and Israeli intelligence and counterintelligence services and agents, including MI6.

Ponder that. Make connections.

Alex, American. Watsons, British. CIA, American. MI6, British.

I think that the interview was when Paul and Steve Watson were visiting Alex in Austin. They recounted how "they went for a hike up a mountain," "ran and slid down some steep embankment," etc. Other DailyPaul users might remember. Honestly, I'd be surprised if any of that actually happened.