Comment: It's gets old and monotonous correcting newcomers

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It's gets old and monotonous correcting newcomers

to this or any thread like it, who have failed to study the information provided to them prior to their impulse-knee jerk-reactionary comments that do nothing but scare people into not pursuing their freedoms and learning the Law.

There are always a few Assclowns that fit the above description that need to be dealt with, sometimes in a humiliating way, because they do not understand logic and reason, and will work tirelessly to murk the water and clutter the thread in an attempt to instill fear and doubt into others who may be seeking remedy.

Assclown is a very fitting term for these people; they are trouble makers and deserve to be treated as such and made examples of. They are internet trolls and/or gov't distraction artist; they are the scum of society, period!

As for your willingness to comply:

It is your Right to be anything you want in life, even if that 'anything' is a gov't serf/slave. I have no Right to take that away from you; it is your decision, and the decision you make will determine whether or not you walk through life a free man, or you walk through life carrying a chain around your neck.

You said:

"I see a lot of people having a lot of problems for NOT paying - I have yet to see proof of someone that didn't pay and actually got away with it. And no - you saying so on here is not proof."

Google is a wonderful tool; try using it sometime. Just Google this term "IRS Loses" and see what happens.