Comment: Propaganda as usual

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Propaganda as usual

And every American will gladly jump in on his favorite - "let's blame Russians, they are all communists, and I'm the best ever expert on communism" - routine. For all the talk of checking things for themselves people here are sure easy to grab a pretty bone when it suits what they want to blindly believe. Not to disavow the contents of the post, I also must say - bear in mind - when Gorbachev started his work to destroy USSR and sell everything there was - huge anti-soviet propaganda machine was created. A lot of stuff was invented, some of which even you here might have heard - events like "Katyn' massacre".

All I want to say is that "check thing for yourself" should be applied to everything. It's easy to demonize something or someone to justify your own flaws. I have plenty and then some examples of that.

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