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Comment: I'm not going to say I was

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I'm not going to say I was

I'm not going to say I was liberal or Democrat, because in 2007/2008 when I was 19 years old, I really didn't know what those terms meant or cared for that matter. If you asked me during that time though what I thought of universal health care, free college education, or the ability of unions to demand exorbitant wages...I would have said, "yeah, I would agree with that".

I didn't vote in 2008 though. I started to follow Ron Paul in 2007, but just very loosely. Watched maybe a handful of videos during his campaign time. But I really didn't even know what he stood for honestly. I just watched him and could tell he was just being honest and I liked him. If somebody asked why I liked him, I honestly couldn't tell them a reason besides I just do. If it struck me that I could write in Ron Paul at the time, I would have voted. But I was still under the apathetic illusion that there were just 2 choices and it didn't matter.

In 2010, when I saw Ron Paul might be trying for it again, I started to pull things up of him on YouTube. And I just started to really research his platform. And the rest was history. By the 2011 primaries, I was as well versed on the philosophy of Liberty as any other hardcore Paul supporter. And participated in the election process for the first time ever, by casting a vote for Ron Paul in the Illinois primaries.

Looking back now at 24 years old, it's pretty crazy how passionate I've become. I literally did not care what happened in the political arena. I was one just leave me alone and let me do what I'm doing. Just like many others, Ron Paul cured my apathy.