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Again he is still wrong...

For instance the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is considered to be a light machine gun. It fires .223 rounds as ammunition, it is easily portable and can be fired using it's bi-pod or can be fired from the standing position if need be. It is not a mounted machine gun yet still bears the title "machine gun". The SAW is both belt and drum fed and can also utilize M16 magazines to fire. Does that not make it a machine gun if you fire it using magazines instead of a belt?? No it doesn't.

Same thing with a M240G, which is considered a medium machine gun due to its firepower. It is heavier than a M249 and fires a 7.62 mm round, which packs a much heavier punch and extends the distance at which a target can be engaged. This is a belt-fed weapon that is still carried on patrols and can utilize a bi-pod or tri-pod. iIt was my favorite weapon to fire in the Marines and I loved going on humps with one and carrying it around. Since it does not need to be mounted all the time, does that not make it a machine gun? Is it's title incorrect? I don't think so.

Also, by that definition, a fully automatic M16A1 would be considered a sub-machine gun but it's not. Rather a sub-machine gun is any weapon that fires automatically and utilizes handgun cartridges, like a Thompson sub machine gun which utilizes .45 acp rounds and are generally utilized in closer combat scenarios.

The fact of the matter is, your friend is not ever fully right. Was he fairly close? Sure he had some truths, but it really is bothersome that it was passed off as correct and included in the original post when a majority of what he said wasnt really right. That's what frustrates me at times on any post. Something being passed off as truth when it's not. Moreover, when someone says something about the Marines and what we use/do that is completely wrong, such as his commentary on the M4 being an automatic and in regards to our beloved Ma-Deuce, it will bug any Marine. I'm sorry!