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Still Don't Get It

Your comments are totally off-base. You did falsely claim the responder was saying that religion should be done away with. It was a means to distort the conversation to suit your agenda. The lack of truth in your posts demonstrates delusion and deception. That would be a prime example of why Christian fanaticism is not model for success in the liberty movement.

Here's the words you put in another's mouth to suit your distortion of the truth.

“You don't have a right to make organized religion go away or tell people what they need to keep to themselves. If you think peace will reign once we get rid of organized religion...” (FreedomsReigning).

The point that you miss is the interest is in not aligning the liberty movement with any particular faith; therefore, we respectfully request that the move to make the liberty cause a Christian cause be dismissed for it is a contradiction to the principles of liberty. If you can't get that, then you are quite lost in your delusion. No one is saying that religion should be gotten rid of. And, obviously it is counterproductive to assert that there are "pitfalls" to those not of your belief, or that people consider themselves soulless animals if they aren't Christians. How more completely obnoxiously ignorant could you be? Sorry, but your attacks on those who don't share your beliefs are disgustingly unChristlike.