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Comment: I got through half of the second video.....

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I got through half of the second video.....

....I watched the first one, then got through about half of the second one when I decided that my time was being wasted. I realize there could be something in the second half that I missed that would have completely changed my view, but there is something called an argumentum verbosium at work here. The guy on the video just keeps showing pictures that have nothing to do with his main argument, and keeps saying "we'll get to it". All the extra stuff just gets in the way of his point, then when someone loses interest, or is bogged down by the verbosity of the argument, he can say he has won the debate because the other person is too bored or confused to continue the debate. 9/11 has gotten this way for me as well. I just too tired of debunking flimsy evidence that any new "evidence" is just too much for me to care about looking into.
On top of that, there are 7 billion people on this planet. Lots' of them look alike. There are many well documented cases in the criminal justice world of people actually serving prison terms because eye witnesses thought they were the criminal, only later to have the actual criminal come forward. Needless to say, they looked alike, but were not the same person. This picture evidence in this guys video just doesn't have the standard I require for conclusive evidence, especially when I just don't see any reason for Tucson, or Sandy Hook to be hoaxes.

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