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Comment: Best wishes granger.

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Best wishes granger.

Don't let them add any more metals to your body.

Two disimilar metal in the body make a battery.

Say fillings and titanium staples. The internal battery tazers the nervous system, whether one feels it or not. It does affect thought processes.

I know a dozen people locally who have this problem. For them the pain is unquenchable. My spouse has told me of a dozen more. Two have since died and the doctors insist their no problem.

Pre-surgery nutrition is important. Ninety vitamins and mineral are needed to fully repair the body. The Mighty 90 is the best balanced solution I've found.

One sign of bimetal toxicity here at DP is downvotes as people cannot understand what the author is trying to say.

My cysts are caused by my fungal infection, which I have nearly beat with proper nutrition.

Granger, I will pray for your speedy recovery.

See you on the flip side.


Free includes debt-free!