Comment: I am a Catholic

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I am a Catholic

But I dont take what the Church says to be my Gospel. I take the Gospel as my Gospel. Just because My family raised me Catholic doesnt mean I follow the church, well, religiously.

I take Jesus as the man he was, concentrating on his ministry and the lessons we can gleen from that. So often they focus on the crucifixtion, and while that is the most important, the more practical lessons of our daily lives can be found during the "ordinary" times section of the liturgical calendar. Ron Paul always speaks about Jesus and the Money Changers, which has become one of my favorite passages--and rings true as something that probably actually happened.

How do I reconcile my faith, however? Well, I just see it as simply admiring a man who did the world so much good from a historical standpoint. He invented kindness. He made it cool to be a nice guy. I want to say I worship him, too. But somedays I find it difficult to capture my spiritual side when so often our world deals in practicalities. It pains me to not be spiritual, I used to be more spiritual in highschool(college now).

I dont like this idea of World anything from a political standpoint or for future prospects from a U.S. perspective, but the church for much of the 20th century and this one advanced itself charitably. Not as powerful, perse, but now more respected from a charity standpoint and seem to be genuinely concerned with doing good for people. Mainly because local churches have so many great leaders leading their communities. These people are active and great/kind people. I encourage you all to get involved in your local churches, which sounds hypocritical coming from me, but its a great place to spread the message of liberty with an organized structure already in place.

btw. i never understood why being Catholic is looked down upon from protestants. being raised in a Catholic school we were never taught any ill-will towards our fellow denominational christians. in fact I admire some denominations rigorous scholarly view of the gospel. And Martin Luther's On Liberty almost made me a convert, but I didnt want to upset my mother(a devout catholic) for something that was not necessary.